Where do I buy Bendigo Airport Service tickets?

You can buy tickets online and either print them out or present the ticket on your smartphone.  You can also buy tickets from our office situated inside on Platform 2 of the Bendigo Railway Station or by phoning the office on 03 5444 3939 during business hours.  We strongly recommend pre-purchasing tickets in order to guarantee a seat but tickets can also be purchased from the driver using cash of Eftpos if seats are available.

Can I pay for my Bendigo Airport Service tickets with EFTPOS or Credit Card?

Yes you can buy your tickets online using your credit card 24/7.  You can also use your credit card or Eftpos to buy tickets from our office.  Drivers can also process Eftpos and credit card payments.

Who do I contact for lost property?

If you have left something on-board our vehicle please contact the Bendigo Airport Service office on 03 5444 3939.

I need to book for today’s bus, is that possible and is there room at such late notice?

YES, you can book and pay online 24/7.  Please note that the website has a three hour cut-off for bookings prior to the service commencement time. If you need the bus at very short notice then please phone our office during business hours 03 5444 3939 and they will be able to make a booking for you providing there is seats available.

Can I be picked up or dropped off from my house or accommodation?

No, sorry but we only pick up and drop off at our designated stops

How much luggage can I take?

We allow 1 standard suitcase and small carry on bag per paying customer.   There is a small extra charge for other items. For the latest prices see our prices page

I have a health care card. Is there a concession fare for me?

NO, unfortunately we are not government subsidised. The Pensioner discount only applies to Australian Aged or Disability pensioners.

Can I take my dog/cat with me when I travel?

YES, as long as it is in the required crate/box.  Your pet will be required to travel in our luggage trailer (Ventilated).  Pets always travel at owners own risk. Trailers are not insulated and will be effected at times to extreme weather.  Check our Prices page for the latest charge.

I am planning on travelling to the Airport to bid farewell to someone before they catch their flight and returning to Bendigo on the same day.  Do you have a special price?

YES, we call this our ‘Same Day Travel’ ticket.

I do not have a credit card. Can I book a ticket?

Yes, if you contact our office you may be able to make arrangements to pay cash to our driver.

How long does the trip take?

We allow 2,1/4 hours – this includes all scheduled stops.

I need a receipt so I my employer can reimburse my travel expenses.
Our tickets are also tax invoices.  Our website enables you to email or print the ticket.  In addition, tickets booked over the phone can be emailed.

When should I book my ticket for the bus?

We strongly advise booking your tickets early to guarantee a seat.  Also see Question 1 above

I have not made a booking.  Can I still travel on the bus?

Yes, as long as we have vacant seats on the bus – our drivers carry a number of tickets and you can pay cash to the driver.  Please note though that some pickup points are by booking only.

What happens if I miss the bus that I was booked on?

Your ticket is valid for the next available service – providing there is spare seats on the bus. (Passengers booked on that bus will have priority.  Please ensure you have your ticket or booking number available for the driver, if you cannot provide either you will be asked to pay again.  You may contact the office to obtain a refund once you can provide proof of purchase.

What happens if I purchase a ticket but don’t use it?

The ticket is valid for 12 months  – or contact the office for a refund.

What happens if I lose my ticket?

You will always be asked to produce a ticket number (showing ticket on a smart phone is acceptable) if you wish to travel on a bus other than the one you were booked on.  If you cannot provide either you will be asked to pay again.  You may contact the office to obtain a refund once you can provide proof of purchase

Do your vehicles have toilets on board?

Unfortunately our vehicles do not have toilets.  Our drivers may be able to stop for a very short toilet break at one of our bus stops along the way.

Where is the ‘Drop Off Point’ at the Airport and how do I find my airline departure terminal?

Terminal 4 Multi-story Car Park, Ground Floor Bus Bay 14

View and download a detailed map showing our bus stop.

What days do your Airport Services operate throughout the year?

Our services to/from the Airport operate every day of the year EXCEPT Christmas Day.

How do I download a PDF of the timetable?

Having trouble viewing the timetable on our website? Try this PDF Version