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Cruise Transfers - Shuttle Bus Service to/from Station Pier

Bendigo Airport Service will be operating a direct service to and from Melbourne Station Pier to meet Golden Princess Cruise and Carnival Legend cruises during the Melbourne 2018/2019 Cruise season.

Tickets are available for the following dates - (MUST BE PRE BOOKED 2 WEEKS BEFORE TRAVEL)


Departing Bendigo Thurs 25/10/18 Returning Thurs 8/11/18 New Caledonia & Vanuatu
Departing Bendigo Thurs 8/11/18 Returning Wed 21/11/18 New Zealand
Departing Bendigo Wed 21/11/18 Returning Tues 4/12/18 New Zealand
Departing Bendigo Tues 4/12/18 Returning Mon 17/12/18 New Zealand
Departing Bendigo Mon 17/12/18 Returning Sat 22/12/18 Tasmania
Departing Bendigo Sat 22/12/18 Returning Fri 4/01/19 New Zealand
Departing Bendigo Fri 4/01/19 Returning Thurs 10/01/19 South Australia
Departing Bendigo Thurs 10/01/19 Returning Wed 23/01/19 New Zealand
Departing Bendigo Wed 23/01/19 Returning Tues 29/01/19 South Australia
Departing Bendigo Tues 29/01/19 Returning Tues 12/02/19 Fiji
Departing Bendigo Tues 12/02/19 Returning Mon 25/02/19 New Zealand
Departing Bendigo Mon 25/02/19 Returning Sun 10/03/19 New Zealand
Departing Bendigo t Sun 10/03/19 Returning Sat 23/03/19 New Zealand
Departing Bendigo Sat 23/03/19 Returning Fri 05/04/19 New Zealand
Departing Bendigo Fri 05/04/19*** Australian Getaway
**** = Cruise Departs Melb and finishes in Sydney



Departing Bendigo Tues 13/11/18 Returning Fri 23/11/18 New Zealand
Departing Bendigo Fri 23/11/18 Returning Mon 26/11/18 Sampler
Departing Bendigo Mon 26/11/18 Returning Fri 30/11/18 Tasmania
Departing Bendigo Thu 24/01/19 Returning Mon 28/01/19 Tasmania
Departing Bendigo Mon 28/01/19 Returning Wed 06/02/19 Pacific Islands
Departing Bendigo Wed 06/02/19 Returning Sat 16/02/19 New Zealand
Departing Bendigo Sat 16/02/19 Returning Wed 27/02/19 Pacific Islands
Departing Bendigo Wed 27/02/19 Returning Sun 03/03/19 Tasmania
Departing Bendigo Sun 03/03/19 Returning Wed 06/03/19 Weekend Sampler

Unfortunately we are unable to offer a bus service to meet other cruises at this point.

Duration of Bus Trip between Bendigo and Station Pier - 2hrs 30 mins
Bendigo Railway Station Departure - 11.30am
Station Pier Departure - 8.30am

The Port of Melbourne Authority will only allow us access to the Pier for a short period of time, once you disembark please go directly to the coach pickup area as directed and wait for our coach to be called up. We will not be permitted to wait for missing passengers.

Pickup points also include:
Castlemaine, Kyneton, Woodend, Gisborne (these stops all by demand only).
Unfortunately we are not offering Pickups at Kangaroo Flat, Chewton or Malmsbury on the service to Station Pier


Fares (Return Trip) - (one way travel also available)

Click here for current fares


Bookings can be made online at or Book Here Alternatively you can phone the Bendigo Airport Service on 03 5444 3939 during office hours.
Bookings can also be made by your travel agent.

Special Notes
Bookings are essential

Please note that all services require a minimum number of passengers ie. 5 passengers. Should this number not be met by 14 days prior to cruise commencement date, Bendigo Airport Service reserves the right to cancel the service - if this is the case, any passengers already booked on this service will be contacted immediately and all monies paid will be fully refunded. We guarantee that if we deliver you to Station Pier at the commencement of your cruise we will operate the service to bring you home as long as you have a paid return ticket with us.